Friday, June 25, 2021

DIY Mexican Tile Coasters

My DIY Mexican Tile Coasters are a great quick summer project. You can use any combination of Decoart's Americana Acrylics. Top off with a clearcoat (DuraClear or Decopauge) for added protection! 


Americana® Acrylics

  • Cadmium Yellow (DAO10)
  • Desert Turquoise (DAO44)
  • True Blue (DAO36)
  • Tuscan Red (DA265)

Other supplies

  • #8 filbert brush
  • Pilot Frixion Erasable Pen (usually available at any box store)
  • coarse sandpaper (#60)
  • medium sandpaper (#80-100)
  • fine sandpaper (#120)
  • wood coasters (Hobby Lobby)


1. For this project, I used a 3x3 coaster set from Hobby Lobby. The prep work on these coasters took some serious sanding. Square Cork coasters like these are a great alternative!


2. If you go with these (or any) wood tile it never hurts to sand. I started with a #60 and worked up to #120, transforming these coasters from rough and shabby to a nice smooth surface.

3. Using the Frixion pen lightly draw, or trace the designs onto the coasters to make sure the finished product lines up well!


4. Refer to the pattern to help keep your colors straight. I found it best to focus on one color and paint each tile with that one color.

5. When you are finished, use a hairdryer on the "hot" setting and wave it over the pen marks until they disappear! Sealant is optional.




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