Saturday, June 23, 2018

Mandala Thrift Store Shoes

I have loved those videos I keep seeing in my newsfeed showing artists painting mandalas onto rocks. They are not only soothing but the rocks are just beautiful! When I was fortunate enough to find cute shoes in MY SIZE at the thrift store I grabbed them even if they were a color I don't usually wear (red!) I'd also recently ordered a Dotting Stylus set from my good buddy Amazon and I've been dying to use them. These shoes were perfect!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer Glamping Utensil Caddy

Why not dress up your next picnic? This is a fun (and organized) way to carry out your flatware! Paint this caddy and you'll be ready for a picnic at a moment's notice!

Rock Garden- Fruits and Veggies

Sometimes growing a garden is just too much work. This garden is a perfect project for working inside on a hot day! Maybe with a nice glass of lemonade?

Rock Garden - Sweet Tooth

Grab some rocks out of your driveway, or if your kids are like mine you'll probably find a couple of nice clean ones in your dryer! Satisfy your sweet tooth with this great rainy day activity!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Old brass lamp + spray paint= modern beauty

I've wanted new lamps for our living room lately as the ones we currently use were a clearance find when I was right out of college, and that was nearly SIXTEEN years ago. How did that even happen? How do I have lamps that old?! A husband, two kids, and many moves later I guess life just kind of flies when you are having fun and exhausted.