Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer Glamping Utensil Caddy

Why not dress up your next picnic? This is a fun (and organized) way to carry out your flatware! Paint this caddy and you'll be ready for a picnic at a moment's notice!


  • Cool White - DA240
  • Coral Blush - DA292
  • Dragon Fruit - DA300
  • Espresso - DA271
  • Graphite - DA161
  • Peacock Teal - DA326
  • Wooden Caddy
  • Transfer Paper
  • Paint Brushes
  • Fresh Coffee (you deserve it!)

To download the pattern, please click HERE
This project is also available for viewing at the Decoart Site

1. Using transfer paper and light sticking tape to hold the paper to the wood, trace over the design.

2. Using Espresso (DA271), paint the bench and the wood for the fire.

3. Paint the inside of fire with Coral Blush (DA292) using Dragon Fruit (DA300) on the remaining flames.

4. Paint in the tent with Peacock Teal (DA326) being sure to leave the inside of the tent and the flap unpainted for now. Using Graphite (DA161) paint in the tent lines.

5. Add swirly smoke with Graphite (DA161) and shade some with the Cool White. Last, paint in the crescent moon with Graphite and shade it with the Coral Blush (DA292) and teal and white. Use Cool White (DA240) and Graphite (DA161) to add definition and shading to the flames, logs, and bench. 

6. Add some Graphite (DA161) to a little Peacock Teal (DA326) to make it slightly darker and paint the inside of the tent and flap. Then using the Graphite and Cool White add shading. Gently swoop it on the tent and flap to give definition.

7. Draw the compass rose onto the caddy. Paint the inside circle Coral Blush (DA292) and the outside Dragon Fruit (DA300).

8. Paint the inside star with Espresso (DA271) and the outside Peacock Teal (DA326).

9. Shade in the star by adding Espresso (DA271) to Cool White (DA240) and paint one side of each prong of the star. Next, using Cool White, add definition to the circle area and the teal star. Last, add a crescent moon to the top of the compass using Graphite.

10. Add stars using Peacock Teal (DA326). Paint from the inside out using a small brush (to give them that wispy look) and then dot the middle with Cool White (DA240)

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