Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Mustard Seed Hill Christmas Lights


We've had to work hard to find safe ways to get out of the house and celebrate the season. I'm happy to report that it can be done! A great choice is Mustard Seed Hill in Millersburg, KY. We stopped in to see their annual Christmas Lights celebration. Tickets are free but are required to help keep crowds in check. Our family of 4 went on a somewhat warm Friday night. As we walked up, both of our kids (ages 6 and 9) started gasping and really getting excited. It really is a beautiful site to walk upon:


A great photo op is available with amazing and friendly masked volunteers sporting hand sanitizer and offering to take our photo on our walk-in. If you are like us, it's rare to get a picture with everyone in it. I do recommend you not stand under the arch for your photo. Gets in the way of that beautiful star in the background! I was able to crop the arch out (at the expense of that star 😞).
 See this beautiful star? Isn't this amazing? The whole campus is like this. Magical!

We loved having space to move our bodies (the kids, especially) and being able to walk through at our own pace to enjoy the lights. The whole area appears magical with the help of so many lights! While everyone did a fantastic job of keeping their distance, we made sure to wear our masks and were relieved to see everyone masked. Be sure to bring some cash for the Kettle corn booth, and to help wash that down is some delightful hot cocoa! 

The atmosphere of this evening was merry! Even with masks on during a pandemic in a nuts year, this almost felt normal and for that we are grateful! Definitely go check out this light exhibit and if you can, be sure to support the local vendors that set up here. It's been a hard year for everyone!

Click the link for information on Mustard Seed Hill Christmas Lights

To order FREE tickets (Grab them early as they sell out quickly day of!) 

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