Monday, February 4, 2019

Galaxy Glitter Ombre Violin

Some of my favorite creations have come about from leftover paint and waiting for another project to dry! This happens to be one of those projects! I know I'm late to the game but I've started playing with Ombre looks. I avoided it forever because I thought it would be "too hard". If you'd been avoiding doing it for the same reasons.. STOP. It isn't that hard!


  • DecoArt Americana Antique Gold
  • DecoArt Americana Dragon Fruit
  • Galaxy Glitter Champagne Stardust
  • Galaxy Glitter Pink Cosmos

So.. that beautiful and sparkly violin started out like this: A $0.99 thrift store find. I didn't even want to buy it. This was my husband's idea!

This particular piece was plastic and while I would usually recommend using Multi-Surface paint, in this case, it was ok to use regular Decoart Americana paint.  The surface was dull and the paint easily adhered to it!

I chose to do a rose pink to a nice gold ombre in the Galaxy Glitter so the first step is to base coat the violin in similar colors. I wasn't overly concerned with coverage as I knew I would be doing several coats of the GG.  Still, I recommend getting the coverage pretty decent and don't be too worried about having a perfect ombre fade. You'll get most of the effect from the GG paint. 

Once your paint has dried you can start the glitter coating. Use Champagne and Pink Cosmos. This will take several coats. The pic below is just a coat or two. To get that amazing sparkle you see in the final picture, you'll want to do 5 or more coats. Be sure to let it fully dry in-between. I found it best to just sneak downstairs and throw a coat on while my husband was bathing the kids, or before I went to bed. 

It's so important to finish your projects! I debated on adding the strings back to this because who would really notice?  Seeing it completed... it was worth doing the extra step! I just used leftover glitter thread from another project. Cut 4 strips in similar lengths and hot glued each end. I had leftover embellishments from yet another project. Perfect for helping secure the ends of the hot glued strings down.

Be sure to put this up where little hands can't reach it! It took several rescue missions before I finally gave in and put it where it can be seen but not touched. I think you'll love the Galaxy Glitter paint!

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