Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fruity shoes!

I am confident that my daughter is at least half watermelon these days. Every time we hit the store she begs for more! That inspired me to make her these bright and fun canvas shoes. She LOVES them! To make them more fun, I added her other favorite fruit (oranges!) See below to find how to make your own!


  • Decoart Stylin' Black
  • Decoart Stylin' Turquoise
  • Decoart Stylin' Red
  • Decoart Stylin' Green
  • Decoart Stylin' Fuschia
  • Decoart Stylin' Yellow
  • Decoart Stylin' White
  • Decoart Stylin' Orange
  • Canvas Shoes


Start with a pair of clean canvas shoes. Be sure to remove the laces. For this project, I used the Decort Stylin' line but feel free to use another type of paint!

Paint each shoe leaving a partial circle on the toe for the fruit. On the heel, I used the seam line as a guide for what to leave blank.

Add the yellow to the pink shoe for the (for the orange slice) then using a liner brush, add orange whisps to the toe and heel. Using white continue adding whisps and some highlighting.

For the watermelon shoes, first, paint in the red leaving a small gap to add the green rind in later. Once you have the red and green on, add the seeds (which are a slight teardrop shape). Be sure to add some shading to the rind and the bottoms of the seeds when everything has dried!

The finished product! I chose to use bits of elastic to make them slip-on. Another option is to do a Pinterest search for some fun ways to lace up the shoes!

They came out so cute! I may have to make myself a pair! ♥

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