Thursday, July 12, 2018

Bee-utiful Canvas Shoes

Painted shoes are a fun and affordable way to add some pizazz to your wardrobe! Show your love of bees with these fun shoes! Grab shoes, a paintbrush, and a fresh cup of coffee and have fun!


  • Decoart Stylin' Red
  • Decoart Stylin' Black
  • Decoart Stylin' Yellow
  • Decoart Stylin' Turquoise
  • Decoart Stylin' White


Start with a plain pair of shoes. Remove laces (and save for later). Mix 6 parts white and 1 part turquoise to get a beautiful soft blue.

Paint entire shoe with light blue paint mixture. Be sure to paint the tongue, along with the edges and pay close attention to the seams as they can be tricky to get coverage.

Lightly sketch bee design on to one of the shoes. Paint the body yellow and the wings white.

Add black stripes and antenna to the bee. Add black shading to the wings.

While that shoe is drying, grab the other shoe and lightly sketch a dotted bee trail onto it. Paint it on with a grey paint mixed from 2 parts black and 1 part white. Once this has dried, paint white just above it. (This gives the trail shading and helps it stand out!

Add a heart to the inside of the wings (optional). Soften it by dry brushing a small amount of white onto the wings. 

Once your shoes have dried be sure to show off your hard work!

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