Monday, August 6, 2018

Buzy Bee Heels

Dig in your closet or hit up your favorite thrift store and grab a pair of shoes in ANY color! You'll love the transformation! I was amazed at how well the Decoarty Stylin' line covers and you will be as well!


  • Decoart Stylin Red
  • Decoart Stylin Black
  • Decoart Stylin Yellow
  • Decoart Stylin White
  • masking tape (thin-width)
  • shoes (high heels)
  • flat brushes (small and medium)


1. Grab a pair of shoes. Preferably something used and any color. For this project, I have a pair that's Navy with a multicolored heel.

2. Use a medium flat brush to paint the entire shoe in black. This might take more than one coat. I found it best to coat the shoe and then give it time to dry completely before adding the next coat.

3. Use a medium flat brush to basecoat the sole in white (for the yellow in the next step) and the toe in black. Let dry.

4. Paint in yellow on the bottom. Be sure to paint the inside of the heel as well. This will probably take 2 coats.

5. Grab some thin width masking tape. Make sure the paint has cured and isn't just dry. You don't want the tape to pull the paint up! Use the tape to cover the areas you want to stay yellow. Be sure to seel the edges down so the paint doesn't seep through!

6. Paint in black stripes on the areas that are not covered by tape. Remove tape once final coat of black has been added. (No need to wait until it's dried.) Let the paint cure again, and then paint in tiny hearts in the yellow. Not unlike the bee wings on the canvas shoes.

8. Last, add a dotted bee trail over both shoes. Keep it simple as less is more but definitely put a loop-de-loop on one shoe!

Once they are dry, grab a friend (or a date) and head out! You'll love showing off your art! ♥

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