Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Bike Themed Skater Shoes

After finding these shoes at our local thrift store, I was inspired by my husband's love of cycling and the Tour de France! Since these are for my husband, I had to be careful and find that delicate balance of color without having too much. He was a skater punk back in the day, so I knew skater-inspired shoes would work great!


  • Decoart Stylin' Turquoise
  • Decoart Stylin' White
  • Decoart Stylin' Green
  • Decoart Stylin' Black


1. To prep, the shoes first remove the laces and wipe down with a damp rag to remove any dirt on them.

2. For this step, the turquoise paint was a little too bright, so I added black to the mix. The ratio is 4 parts turquoise to 1 part black. The coverage on these dark shoes was great! 

3. Next was the green. For the first coat, I mixed in white with the green to help with coverage. The next layer was regular green, and it did great!

4. Paint the swoosh white. Because these shoes had a cream-colored base, I also painted that. The great thing about these stylin' paints is they work great on the shoe as well as the base!

5. For these shoes, the bike fits best at the back. Add yours wherever it fits best!

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