Monday, September 24, 2018

Repurpose your old wheelbarrow! It's not trash!

Got an old wheelbarrow sitting around? Maybe it's in too bad of shape to use? Time to repurpose it into a semi-portable flower garden! Now that it's cooled down (HELLO FALL!!) this is a perfect project to do outside (or inside if you have space!). Fill it with mums and help welcome in all things pumpkin!


  • Americana Decor® Outdoor Living in Garden Party (ADOL06)
  • Americana Decor® Outdoor Living in Picket Fence (ADOL02)
  • #4 round brush
  • 2" paint brush
  • #6 flat brush
  • wheelbarrow
  • wire brush


Locate a wheelbarrow that's seen better days and use a wire brush to remove the loose rust and dirt inside and outside.

Paint the handles Picket Fence (white)

Using the Garden Party (pink) paint, coat the wheelbarrow and legs. For the rim of the tire, use Picket Fence.

Refer to the pattern as a guide, letter "Welcome" on the side and use the template to trace scallops around the edge. Fill with flowers and display it proudly!

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