Thursday, September 27, 2018

10 tips for shopping at Goodwill!

Recently I participated in a market research study, and we were asked about our favorite places to shop. Anyone who knows me knows that my number one place to shop is Goodwill! Where I live, we have EIGHT Goodwill stores, and THREE are near my house! I often post my finds on social media and everyone asks how I find such amazing stuff. Because of this, I decided to put a list together of tips!

1. Arrive early and go often. I prefer to shop right after they open. I have found deals later in the day, but most of my finds come from being there first thing in the morning before everyone has picked through them. I usually go twice a week or whenever the kiddos and I get stir crazy!
Photo by Kaique Rocha

2. Touch everything. I pick up metal canisters to see if they are in fact empty. I touch the purses in my hunt for quality products. I once bought a pair of Tory Birch sunglasses that retail for $250+ for... $1.79. When I picked them up, I could tell they weren't cheap.

3.  Do more than one pass. You often see the big stuff in the initial pass and then when you go through again that's when you notice the smaller more interesting things.

4. Know your prices. My extensive scrapbooking collection of books, papers, sleeve protectors, paper, pens, etc. All came from goodwill. Usually, I am able to grab an unused scrapbook for $0.99. I've seen them as high as $5.99. However, I've gone enough to know that there will be other books and.. at a better price.

5. Kids Shoes. Now that I shop goodwill, my kiddos wear Nike, Tom's, and other name brands. Here kid's shoes are only $2.29 so when I find a barely worn pair in an upcoming size I grab them and keep them in a bin in their closet. 
Photo by Jairus Gallimorea

6. Donate back! All those cool things you found? Someone donated them! So be sure to take anything you don't want or can't use to your goodwill. However, if you are donating the kid's stuff? Take it to a goodwill you don't frequent. TRUST ME.

7. Shop sales. Our Goodwill has the "color the of the week." Each week all articles of clothing with a certain color tag are half price. I go from paying $2.29 to paying $1.15! I still pay "full price" for some particularly fun or cute items, but I try to stick with the sale items for most things.

8. Carry your phone! I spend a good amount of time looking up what I've found.  It helps you know what the heck something is as well as just how good of a deal you are getting!

9. Don't hesitate. Think you'll come back tomorrow and get that item you couldn't decide on? Probably not.  Things go quickly at goodwill. They have a great return policy (with a receipt) so if it doesn't work out just bring it back!

10. Be polite! I bring my kids and let them play with the toys while I shop nearby. They know to not get too much in the way and that they will have to clean up their mess before going. It's important for the kids to be responsible and because the workers shouldn't have to clean up after you!

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