Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pastelloween Pumpkins! (Reversible!)

I love fall! I love decorating for Halloween but don't want jack-o'-lanterns up in November. With these reversible pumpkins, you just turn them around and voila! Just dig out some wood from a leftover project, and you have a cheap yet fun project perfect for fall!


  • Decoart Americana Acrylic Paint in:
    • Snow (Titanium) White
    • Peaches 'n Cream
    • Blue Haven
    • Mint Julep Green
    • Grey Storm
    • Slate Grey
  • 4" x 4" wood (cut into 3 different lengths)
  • Sandpaper
  • Pencil
  • Dry Branch
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Assorted buttons
  • Raffia
  • Green Beading wire
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Skill Saw or Hand Saw


NOTE: This is a perfect project for using up scrap wood. These are made using pieces of 4 x 4 wood but can be adjusted to work on any size.

Sand thoroughly paying close attention to the edges. Sanding them to a smoother rounded edge softens the look of the pumpkins and helps achieve that rustic look!

Basecoat the pumpkins in Snow White. With a pencil, lightly sketch a chevron pattern on the tallest pumpkin.

For the chevron pumpkin, paint the stripe in with the Peaches 'n Cream. (Don't worry about being too perfect as you'll sand the blocks again after they dry to give them a shabby chic look.)

For the blue pumpkin, basecoat all sides including the top in the Blue Have.  Using the pattern provided, paint in the jack-o'-lantern face in Slate Grey; accent and shade with Grey Storm and Snow White.

On the reverse side, draw the arrow in using the attached pattern as a guide. Paint with the Slate Grey and shade with the Grey Storm; add accents with Snow White. For added detail, use Peaches 'n Cream to add decorative bands to the arrow stem.

For the green pumpkin, basecoat all sides in Mint Julep Green. Using the pattern as a reference, paint in the jack-o'-lantern face with Slate Grey. Add shading with Grey Storm and accents with the Snow White.

On the opposite side, draw in the circle and add arrow lines (use the pattern for a reference.) Paint the design in Snow White. Use the handle end of your paintbrush to add dots using colors from the other pumpkins. 

Sand or scuff the edges of the blocks and some of the design to add a vintage or shabby chic look. Using the saw, cut the 3 pieces in varying heights off the branch. Hot glue the branch piece to the center of the block and wrap the raffia around the branch. Wrap the beading wire around needle nose pliers to create the twists. Attach them to the pumpkins with hot glue. Attach the buttons to cover the seams and knots.

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