Sunday, March 3, 2019

Compass Rose Bourbon Barrel Lid

Paint a bourbon barrel lid with a beautiful compass rose design and then customize with the coordinates from a special place! With wedding season coming up, this makes a great wedding gift! 


Americana® Acrylics:

  • Deep Midnight Blue (DA166)
  • Grey Sky (DA111)
  • Snow (Titanium) White (DAO1)
  • True Ochre (DA143)

Other Supplies:

  • stylus or pencil
  • sandpaper (coarse and fine-grit)
  • ruler
  • chalk pencil
  • tracing & transfer paper
  • paintbrushes (including broad brush and fine liner)
  • Cricut machine (optional)
  • bourbon barrel lid


1. Sand the bourbon barrel lid using coarse sandpaper and follow up with fine grit. (You can sand until the wood looks clean, but I wanted to keep the character of the wood. You don't have to sand, but it's so much easier to paint and easier on your brushes if you do.)

2. Mix the True Ochre with 1 part paint and 4 parts water to create a wash and cover the entire piece lightly. You can do a second coat if you wish once it's dried. This gives the lid a bit of color while still keeping the wood grain visible. I chose to make a template with my Cricut. I made the design public if you'd like to use it.  I've also attached the pattern below.

3.  Use Snow White and a broad brush to paint in the first circle. (Leave out notches for the star that you'll paint in later.)

4. Add in Grey Sky for the star. (See photo for placement: stay consistent and keep the same side of each section in Grey Sky.)

5. Paint in other side of the star with Deep Midnight Blue.

6. Add the inner circle with True Ochre. (This is a great way to cover up any stray paint spots.)

7. Using Deep Midnight Blue and a fine liner brush, add lettering of your choice in the Snow White circle and at outer rim, if desired. (For this, I used the year that they were married; the location of the wedding; and their last name. I found the latitude/longitude for the city on Google.)

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